Danchick LTD.

For the company

""We create LIFE"

The company "Danchik" Ltd is on the market for 20 years.


The main activity is producing day-old chicks from our own parent stock with a capacity of 50 000 pcs. / week. The company also offers hatching eggs.


The organization is located as follows:

  1. Hatchery and office in the town. Dobrich - str. "Pop Bogomil" № 4

  2. Aviary for parents in productive age -  Riltsi town. Dobrich

  3. Poultry farms for parents  - village Paskalevo

The company "Danchik" Ltd has its own forage plantl from 2014, consisting of:

  • storage silos

  • operating room

  • computer control of production processes

  • storage facility


"Danchik" Ltd. offers day-old chicks retail and wholesale. Our clients are  small and large companies in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Kosovo.


The company has specialized transport to your place.