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Day-old chicks

Ross 308 Broiler

Hybrid with strong growth and high profitability in terms of feed conversion and is designed for meat production.

Live weight of roosters reaches 2 kg. in 32-33-th day and hens in 35-36 days. Achieving one kilogram. live weight in males becomes a cost of 1.507 kg fodder and females with a cost of 1.587 kg.

Tetra HB

Hybrid wit rapid growth, suitable for both eggs and meat production.

Female birds reach 2,5 kg. in 70 days and the male - 3,5 kg. Hens start to lay eggs in the 21-th week and the eggs reach 63 - 65 g. They have delicious, dietary meat with a delicate texture.

Super Harco

Selected crossbreed suitable for home-growing with dual purpose - for meat and eggs.

Males have a more intense growth in the growing stage and the hens have a prolonged growth in the productive period.

Average annual production: 210 - 230 eggs/year with a light brown shell, the mass of which is 60 - 62 g. Hens begin to lay at the age of 5 months.

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Fertilized eggs from their own parent flocks with guaranteed origin. The birds are bred according to European standards and regulation for welfare. The eggs are kept refrigerated, maintaining a temperature of 15 °C.

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